If you are a cat-lover looking for some kitty-love, you just might consider being the receiver of a feline's affections. After all, cats, especially kittens, are soooo adorable. Want something more adorable, though? Well, if you've ever heard about or seen a micro-kitten before, we're telling you right now: THEY'RE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!

Parents have often wished their kids would stay as kids. As a micro-kitty's human, you'll have your wish--he's staying little for years to come. Because that's what micro-kittens are: teeny tiny cats that'll help brighten your day. That's why they're called munchkins, dwarf cats, teacup cats, mini-cats. This breed, which is mainly a silver or golden Persian kitten, has really short legs that are standard, super short, or "rug hugger" in sizes.

Despite its size, though, a munchkin can be quite the active pet, running fast on its toes and moving very quickly. It is playful, fun and friendly, even safe around kids. It can adapt well, too, with other animals.

If you have made up your mind already to get a munchkin, we are reputable breeders seeking the best homes for our little ones. Come and adopt a munchkin today.